I was born on 1967 and my life, since the childhood, has been marked from electronics and from the radio, under all its aspects. In place of the pacifier and feeding bottle, I always fumbled with the microphone of my father's 27 MHz transceiver, he became an OM (I4OGR) since 1974, and with the soldering gun. I could define me an... art son. Since child I begun to construct the first circuits with batteries, light bulbs and switches with disastrous outcomes, I didn't promise well. However the results improved with passing of the time, also thanking the technical schools. The latent love for the radio is burst out in the adolescence, with the first receivers and transmitters, also home made. When I was 16 years old the 27 MHz, short lived love, while I spent many years in the BCL activity, and at last, in 1986, the "B" class HAM licence (IW4BNP), obtained for scholastic credits, without examination necessity. Since 1988 I am ARI member in the local club. Come back from the military service I decided to study, with engagement, the Morse code and after few months I passed the exam. Finally, in 1991, I obtained the "A" class HAM licence; the HF bands, my preferred ones in absolute, were to my disposition. The CW entered into my blood and it is my preferred operating way still, followed from the phone and a bit of digital modes. I dedicate myself mostly to the DX but I don't reject any kind of QSO. Afterwards I decided to submit me to the exams for the USA licence and I passed the tests necessary for the "General" level. In October 2001 FCC assigned me the callsign KB3HCM, then, in October 2003 I passed the "Extra" class examination level and now, besides IK4OMU, I am also AB3BH.

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