Shack and antennas


  • Transceiver Yaesu FTDX10
  • Transceiver Kenwood TS-930S
  • Transceiver Yaesu FT-817ND (for QRP activity)
  • Transceiver Icom IC-706MKIIG (for portable and QRP activity)
  • Linear amplifier Kenwood TL-922
  • Matching network Magnum MT-3000DX
  • Twin paddle morse key Begali Simplex Gold
  • Microphone Yaesu MD-100
ik4omu tl922 mt3000dx begali keyik4omu ic706mkiigik4omu ft817
ik4omu antennasik4omu antennasik4omu antennasik4omu antennas


  • 10-15-20 metri meters 3 elements Yagi FB33 – Fritzel at 18 meters height above ground
  • 40-80 meters inverted V dipole home made inspired from a W8NX project
  • 12-17-30 meters open sleeve dipole home made inspired from a I1PGK project
  • Horizontal 16 elements Yagi VHF Tonna
  • Vertical 6 elements Yagi VHF Offel
  • Vertical collinear V/UHF Sigma
  • Ground-plane VHF Vimer