Flood 2023

On May 16, 2023, Cesena, my city, suffered a flood due to the flooding of the Savio river and my shack was invaded by about 150 centimeters of water and mud in the short time of about thirty minutes.
The water level went well beyond the main table and some shelves of the radio station so almost all of my equipment was submerged and with it also the paddles, the telegraph keys, the notebook, the old paper logs, the my QSL cards to send and those received, books, documents and accessories; in half an hour I lost 37 years of my radio experience.
I didn’t give up and also thanks to the fundamental help of some friends in a few months I managed to get my radio station back on track.
The pictures below help to get an idea of what happened in my shack, just after the water receded and following the first cleaning.
By clicking here you can see a short video with drone footage of my neighborhood, immediately after the flooding.